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Пишите Кому какие вопросы задали на собеседовании, чтоб всем легче было!

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Добавлено: 2009-11-19 18:01:19   Заголовок: Пишите Кому какие вопросы задали на собеседовании, чтоб легче было!
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Пишите Кому какие вопросы задали на собеседовании, чтоб всем легче было!

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41. Have you ever been arrested? – NO.
42. Who found you a job in America? – My travel agent found it for me though the visa sponsor.
43. How much money are you planning to take with you to the United States? – I am planning to take $1000 (даже если вы возьмёте 200).
44. Why do you want to take money with you? – I will need money to cover my expenses until I get my first paycheck (I need money for food, deposit, transportation).
45. How much money will you be making in the United States? – I will be making $7 an hour (или сколько там вам работодатель обещал по офферу)
46. Name two good and two bad things about having a sister/brother. – I don’t see anything bad about having a sister/brother. I love my sister/brother very much.
47. What is your favorite holiday? – My favorite holiday is International Woman’s Day (для девочек, например) или New Year’s Day (для мальчиков).
48. Who is your favorite person in the world? – My favorite person in the world is my father/mother.
49. What do you like to do in your free time? – I like to read, watch TV, go to the movies, meet with my friends.
50. Who was Nicholas II? – Nicholas II was the last Russian tsar.
51. Who is Arnold Schwarzenegger? - Arnold Schwarzenegger is a famous American actor and current governor of California.
52. Who do you like more – Madonna or Jennifer Lopez? – I like Madonna, because she has a wonderful voice.
53. What is your philosophy of life? – I think if you study hard you can achieve anything in the world later in life.
54. Who was Andropov (Stalin, Brezhnev, Gorbachev…)? – Отвечать в зависимости от вопроса.
55. What do you like to do when it’s raining outside? – I stay at home and read some interesting book or watch a movie.
56. How long have you been learning English? – I’ve been learning English for … (сколько лет)
57. Where was Vladimir Putin born? – He was born in Leningrad.
58. What is your favorite movie? – My favorite movie is…
59. Who is the president of the United States? – George Bush

Вот ещё примеры вообщем-то простых вопросов, на которые надо знать ответы.
1.How many faculties are there at your University?
2.Where does your sister (brother) study?
3.How are you getting on at University?
4.What are you studying there (University)?
5.When was your university founded?
6.Who was a founder your University?
7.What is the total number of student at the U/f/d?
8. How do students of your University spend their summer holidays?
9.What subjects do you study in the first (second, 3th, 4tth) year at your faculty?
10.Where do students of your University live?
11. Do you get a grant (scholarship)?
1. How many departments are there at your faculty?
2. What is the name of your dean/vice-dean/ rector/ manager og department?
3. How many students are there in your group?
4. How many buildings has your University?

1. What group are you in?
2. How long have you been learning English?
3. Where are you now?
4. What are you doing?
5. Have you ever flown by airplane?
6. When do you usually come at the University?
7. Do you understand all my words?
8. Where do you live?
9. Do you use the elevator?
10. What do you like to eat?
11. What is your favorite sport?
12. Where does your family go in summer?
13. How does your family get a vacation?
14. May I see your Russian passport?
15. Are you traveling alone?
16. do you have a good memory?
17. Is your city large or small?
18. How long have you been living there?
19. what kind of job would you like?
20. Do you help your parents?
21. do you have a pet?
22. what is a dog's (cat's) name?
23. why do you want to visit the USA
24. do you have a car?
25. what kind of car?
26. do your parents have a car?
27. when is your birthday?
28. did you have a birthday party last year?
29. What presents did you get?
30. When did you meet your girlfriend?
31. What is she thinking about your participation in this program?
32. Where do you usually celebrate you birthday?

1. What classes are you taking?
2. How many classes do you have average per day?
3. Does your University have a newspaper?
4. Have you ever seen a musical?
5. How many tines have you been absent this semester?
6. How long have you bee studying in this University?
7. by what time will you finish to work?
8. Do you need some additional help for your trip?
9. How do you think? Will your trip be easy?
10. Have you studied anywhere else? Where? How long?
11. Have you lived anywhere else? Where? How long?
12. What kind of books do you like to read?
13. What book do you read?
14. How many books have you read?
15. Have you read books by Pushkin (Any writer)?
16. Does your father work in an office or on a outside?
17. Does he like his work?
18. How long has he been working there?
19. What do you do after classes?
20. What time do classes finish at?
21. Are you a member of any sect?
22. Do you have a computer?
23. What computer?
24. what are your hobbies?
25. Do you play any kinds of sport?
26. What sport do you play?
27. Have you ever taken part in any competitions?
28. What is your sign of the zodiac?
29. How old were you when you smoked the first cigarettes?
30. Do you make your own dinner?
31. do you wish you were younger / older? Why?
32. do you like to write?
33. If you were a writer, what would you write about?
34. Who was your first teacher at school?
35. Could you play any instrument?
36. How old is your brother?
37. Do you understand German?
38. Are you religious?
39. Where is your city located?
40. What is the main street in your city?
41. Do you smoke? Why?

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а это все?????

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to Sirakli:
ты думаешь, что у них там есть специальный список вопросов по которому они могут опрашивать студентов? улыбка
я думаю, что это основные...
меня вот в 2007 спрашивали по поводу моего родственника, места рождения и т.д....короче по поводу фамилии моей... Гагарин просто я улыбка

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Стоит пить успокоительное перед собеседованием?))

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Мне кажется спросить у вас могут все что угодно. В свое время массу постов на эту тему перерыла и для себя сделала вывод - главное быть готовым ко всему и не теряться!

Моё собеседование шло минуты 3 и вопросы были об учебе и работе в основном.

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могу помочь заработать деньги в америке для студентов. подробности e-mail [email]placeoflifetime@gmail.com[/email] ответ в течение 2 недель.

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