06 ноября 2016

Yellowstone Work and Travel experience

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Монтана 2016
Hello Everyone my name is Ashish Dutta and this was my second time when I participated in WORK and TRAVEL program through GLOBAL VISION , earlier I thought that being a foreigner it will be quite difficult for me to get American visa from Moscow but I was greatly helped by Natalya Kadochina and Oksana Ilmast on each and every step who made the whole procedure a walk in the park.

I was working in hospitality in west Yellowstone MT near the Yellowstone National Park which is the oldest national park of USA. It was a great experience for me and trust me I met some of the best people I have ever met in my life, the work environment and the team work was so much experience giving and friendly as if we were working with a big family, even while working weekdays our employers always took us out for outdoor activities like fishing, boating, swimming, rafting, hiking, camping and even shooting, and while living with other students from Columbia and turkey I made some very good friends.

Living in Montana was like living in the very heart of nature surrounded by mountains with streams flowing, we went to the national park several times and spotted a bunch of animals, and on one occasion we even camped for a night near the park.

Working with American people always gives you chance to improve our English, and it pays off with a good money, for students it is a great opportunity, I worked for 2 months and 20 days and spent 14 days traveling across MONTANA, NEW YORK, NEVADA, ARIZONA, TEXAS and LOS ANGELES and best part was when while coming back from British Airways we got a transit visa in London for one full day and visited many great places in London also.

Renting car is really easy and cheap and Is the best way to travel around , we spent almost 3 days on road riding 1700 miles, as a student I really think that this is a great program for us to socialize with people, make good friends, learn English, travel and earn money.

Thank You,

Ashish Dutta.