06 ноября 2016

«Work and Travel…myth or reality?»

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Калифорния 2016
During my brief but informative speech I try to give you strong arguments on this point. First of all, I have chosen such extended program not without reason. I am specialized in linguistic and I am interested in languages – sure, English language is my main and the most important and perspective purpose. Day by day, step by step I used to aim high and after long efforts to achieve my goals, it follows that, thank for my managers of the best agency and thank for our the most powerful and supporting sponsor I have fulfilled my dream and obtained aim.

To come to the point, I prefer to describe my wonderful trip. It was first time for me to immerse into new culture, and it was first I came to foreign country alone. But, I was more confident because sponsor war ready to help me any moment. By the way, at agency we chosen one of the most beautiful and the warmest state- California. I met so kind friends from Spain, China, Rumania and Russia (I was very happy). We rented an enormous house near the work. Our place of work was like a dream. We worked in California at Resort at Squaw Creek, located at the famous American lake- Tahoe. Our group of recreations attendant were surprised because our bosses were like parents for us, they helped us at any moment, decided our problems and gave us useful advice future life.

By the same token, after amazing three month, we travelled around and visited greatest and famous as places as cities, such as San-Francisco, San-Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago. Besides of it, we had unforgettable opportunity to visit Yosemite National Park- without doubts it worth of it.

To sum up, I guess my emotions and expressions are clear for you and with proud I can say that «Work and Travel» is the best chance to extend knowledge, to develop skills and abilities from the different point of view, to go ahead and be best every day.