06 ноября 2016

Work and Travel 2016

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Мэн 2016
we think too much and feel too little

do not despare

First thing first, life is unforgettable adventure full of unexpected situations. They can turn destiny around, make you better and stronger. I truly believe that people need to use any chance to open the world for they own minds. Work and travel is the greatest opportunity for students around the world to explore USA and spend a few months in a completely different lifestyle.

As a J1 student, I`m a looser. I`m not traveling a lot, I`m screw up with earning money, but I find my love there and finally realized what I expected from my future life.

I work as a housekeeper in OOB, Maine and have a second job at Palace Playland (small amusement park next to the ocean). What can I say, if you decided to participate at this program to earn some money and bring them back home, It`s definitely wrong place. If you want to spend summer by swimming at the ocean, surfing and traveling around New England (New York, Boston, Portland, Washington D.C. and Niagara Falls) that`s your paradise. But let me give you advise: if you will see at the first month (not more) that your employer not give you enough hours or your housing is horrible (no heater, no place for cooking, no hot water and so on), don`t be scared and report to CIEE, report to Global Vision, I promise you they will help. That`s true that CIEE don`t like to help you when you want to quit your primary job, but swear the God, when you have serious problems they stop being so ruff. Don`t be scared, almost all my friend spend summer safe and happy.

So there is a the most successful combinations of works at OOB for J1 student ( only my opinion):

First morning job at the hotels( hourly page need to be at least 9$) and late job at Palace Playland (4 or 5 days second shift)- this is the plan for guys who don`t like to feel exhausted every day and don`t have a goal to buy expensive electronic devises at the end. You will earn enough to traveling and buy so fancy closes.

First Morning job at Palace Playland and second job at restaurants as a dishwasher or waiter( prep cook if you are lucky) – option for guys who don`t like to wake up early ( shifts start at 11 or 12) and have a possibility to keep energy till night. You will earn a little bit more than at the option №1.

Morning job at the hotel, second job restaurant: you will earn a lot of money, but at the same time almost dead every night.

There is some jobs that for my opinion not the best way, but just in case you need to know about them: shop assistant at the small souvenir shops, shot girl at bar and so on.

In conclusion some of my advises for you:

Bring warm closes because sometimes Maine`s weather the same as Saint Petersburg late autumn;
OOB is busy only at the season: July-August, so there is no sense to go there earlier than June (just because you need to have time to settle down and find second job);
Second job is better to find as fast as you are arrive;
Preparing for adult life: be nice with everybody, but never trust to anyone.

P.S. I want to say thank you to my agency for this opportunity, for they kindness, for make me not despair when I was scared

Anastasiia Pivovar