12 октября 2017

The Dream that came true

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Колорадо 2017
This was my first trip to America, and I will never forget it. I am very glad that I participated in this program! This experience in my life is one of the most significant and exciting! For three months I worked in the city of Denver (Colorado) with my future 8 the Best friends. We met each other during the registration of the program in the agency. Added as usual it happens to each other Vkonakte and began to discuss our joint trip.

So, We successfully passed the interview with employers and we all we were hired (Thanks a lot “Global Vision” for preparing us to the interviews). Time passed so fast and here is the meeting of participants at which we, together with the agency's managers, discussed the issues and discussed the details of the trip. The day of our English-speaking interview with the consuls arrived. Two weeks before interview, I had broken my leg, even this couldn’t stop me going toward my target, the dream took me forward and I was not mistaken - luck smiled broadly at me and the VISA was approved. The Consul wished me a pleasant trip and I just ran out of the embassy building to tell my friends that I GOT MY VISA (This feeling is inexpressibly).

Then we all with my friends bought tickets Saint Petersburg-Moscow-New York-Denver and finally arrived in Denver on May 28, our job should have started on June 1, as we had 3 days to start our work, our travelling around USA began on first days, we rented a car (if you are 25 y.o. or older there is absolutely no problem with renting a car) and drove to see Colorado’s beautiful mountains.

What about my job? I worked at the amusement park called Elitch Gardens as a park service team member, it was very fun to work with guys from other countries who came under the same program, and at the same time our own, from Russia, whom we already knew before the trip, when we met in agency, and we got along with our supervisors quickly, their attitude to us was on top, they were honest, sincere and helpful. I worked at Elitches only 3 months, in this little period Denver has become very dear to me, I’m accustomed to the American wonderful mentality and the people I met have become dear and close to me. I cherished every moment held in America and do not regret anything. It was sad to leave, but ahead was a trip to west coast.

Me and 4 my friends already started our adventure in Denver, on the way to the airport our train was broken down and we had to wait another train for an hour. Fortunately we were on time at the airport BUT because of my fault on the border at the airport we missed our flight:)) and we had to wait 14 hours at the airport. I think the city did not want to let us go away J. We travelled only a week, our journey started from Las Vegas and ended in New York. Of course, we did not travel all over the country but we had time to visit Grand Canyon for its beautiful view, Las Vegas for some gambling, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, New York, these cities have their own charm, in every city want to return again and again.

In conclusion I want to say, I am very pleased with this summer, thank you to everyone who helped make this summer unforgettable!