05 ноября 2016

My summer in the US (W&T)


Миссури 2016
I can say for sure that this summer was the best in my life, as I spent it in the United States of America as a participant of the W&T USA Program. It was my first experience of traveling somewhere for so long. Working as a lifeguard and saving lives in real, hanging out with guys from at least 15 different countries, communicating only in English for almost 4 months, visiting places that I’ve seen only in movies… all of that seemed impossible to me just a year ago!

My first expression in America is related to its people. Americans are very open, friendly and helpful. I made a lot of American friends there, who shared with me their good personality and taught me how to smile all the time ☺

It was really enjoyable to learn not only about American culture, but about culture of many different countries! I also feel proud that I could share a part of my own culture with other people.

This program gave me a unique chance to get a job I could never think of. Being a lifeguard means to me a lot, as I had chance to safe lives for real. I felt like I did something really important and that I was respected for it. By the way, working at the waterpark can make you look really tanned ☺))

The most fascinating part of the program was traveling! I spent a really good time in California and had a chance to fulfill one of my biggest dreams – to see the Pacific Oceans, palms and mountains of LA! I also visited New York, which was really enjoyable to explore.

Above all, I definitely had a great time there in the US and got the unforgettable experience. This 4 months became for me a little life that changed my views on many things in a better way and inspired me on new travels and adventures!