20 сентября 2016

My experience in America


Мэн 2016
It's my first time traveling and working in United States. It's my the best experience I have ever had in my whole life. I am so proud to be here and learn the life and absolutely amazing culture in U.S. So, during the work in America was my amazing memories, especially with my coworkers: my sheff Lore, Gurkan, Lisa and Ksyusha from Russia, Adam, Sarah, Hose etc. These guys mean really a lot for me because almost half of my life in US I spent with them and all my coworkers became a part of my family. 

Besides that I am so happy because I also found a variance of different amazing international student friends here. Moreover, I am so glad that there are such a nice "work and travel program" and CIEE. For the reason that any intentional students can come to U.S and travel, make more friends, work and get fantastic experience. By the way, I also appreciate Oksana Ilmast and all workers of "Work and Travel summer" because all the time when I have questions they answer very quickly and they do their best. Here I have some pictures which I call "my experience in America." Botirjon