05 ноября 2016

Gulshat story

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Техас 2016
I think this summer was one of the most interesting, unforgettable and full of the adventures. From the first days you understand that it's not Russia where you can solve problems during a few hours even maybe with the help of your parents. It's completely different country with VERY STRICT RULES and you should know that you are alone and there's no relatives who can help you. If you are ready for real life in another country you can go with this program and I highly recommend everybody to prepare their documents with this company "Global Vision". It's pretty good with the price and at the same time they're doing so much work with your job offer, visa ... etc.

So about job: I was working just on one work as a waitress and it was enough for me cause the main idea of my trip was to make some money which will be enough for my trip and I wanted to enjoy my summer in Texas in Galveston island near the beach. If you want to make some money you should find second job and you should be ready to work hard all the summer!

About travel: I was traveling during the whole summer cause I had American friends that always took me and my Russian friends for camping, for one week trip to Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. At the end of my work me and other two girls from Saint Petersburg decided to travel to Los Angels, Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York. It was really expensive trip(so I advice everybody to count your money before you will start your trip). We was couch surfing a lot. It helped us to believe all people even if that person don't has references in his profile. ( We tried to save money on that way:D). I cannot advise this. Cause it can be dangerous. But actually we always had very kind people who was hosting us.

I think I need to finish my story but there's so much things that I want to tell! If you have any questions you are always welcome I will do my best to answer it! And there's this beautiful ladies Anastasia and Oksana who can help you too!

Me and my friends gave the slogan of our summer "To feel full experience of the summer". And with this motto we solved all our problems, we laughed, we cried, we danced the whole night, we went to police court, we was drinking the wine in the pool of our apartment, we went to the beach on our bikes to meet the sunset, we tried the best American burgers and Texas BBQ, we taught American guys to say "Красивая" and " Ты шикарна, детка!" , we broke the stereotypes of Russia.....

and the most important we lived&shared our best ages with other amazing people who made our summer!