Виртуальная ярмарка вакансий 2021-2022 гг.

New Braunfels
7.40 USD
USA, New Braunfels
Job Start Dates
Job End Dates
Min. Work Period
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English Level
(6) Advanced
Housing provided
Yes (100 USD per week)
Min. hours per week

Position description: Waterpark Attendants are the first line in guest safety and service. These staff members have a large amount of guest interaction, and the greatest opportunity to ensure that guests have a safe visit. Job duties include but are not limited to ensuring guest safety, maintaining high standards of safety, maintaining skills at a rescue-ready level at all times, exceptional guest service, assisting with various tasks, including cleaning the park and picking up and removing trash, tubes and assistance with line control. Waterpark Attendants work in rotating groups to provide guest safety and assistance on slides, in rivers, wave pools, hot tubs and children activity areas. Requires physical stamina and extended periods of time in various weather conditions and temperatures. Waterpark Attendants can be audited at any time to establish their skill levels and attentiveness. Responsibilities Include: Interact with guests in a friendly and welcoming manner. Provide exceptional guest service in order to enhance the guest experience in the water park. Provide general assistance to guests, including answering questions about the resort and waterpark. Monitoring the well-being of guests and responding to emergency situations both in and out of water. Enforcing established rules, complying with regulations, and maintaining professional lifeguarding practices. Maintaining a constant alertness to what our hundreds of Guests are doing, preventing accidents and drowning. Should an emergency occur, Waterpark Attendants are responsible for taking quick and decisive action and providing emergency care. Throughout their shift, Waterpark Attendants are also expected to play an important role in keeping the resort clean and comfortable. All of these important responsibilities must be fulfilled while working outside in the elements – heat (as high as 40 degrees Celsius), humidity, rain, and wind. Long periods of sitting and standing are required.

Qualification: Poolside Recruitment: swim 50 meters without stopping/standing. Swim at a depth of 5ft for a length of 10 ft without coming up for air. * Must participate in Vigilance Awareness Training program. * May have the opportunity to get to $8.00 per hour if successfully pass the Deep Water lifeguard test. Participant is required to live at housing provided in job offer. Housing facility and arrival instructions are to be determined and will be communicated to students 30 days prior to arrival. Costs are subject to change. Requests for time off to travel during the program will be approved for the following dates ONLY: 6/27-6/31. Participants will only be permitted to travel during this time frame and must work until at least the earliest end date on their job offer. Participants will not be permitted to end work early to travel.

Must be in good physical condition with 20/20 vision with or without correction and normal hearing. Requires bending, lifting, pushing, climbing, standing for long periods of time. Must complete swim test and lifeguard course at Schlitterbahn Waterpark. Must be able to stand for 8-10 hour shifts. Ability to work in various weather conditions required (i.e. hot, humid, rain, etc.) Students should anticipate working outdoors in temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius. Some positions will be affected by weather conditions, while others are located indoors. Lifeguard positions may close during inclement weather. Staff members rotate their positions daily. They are not able to choose work locations. Staff members should be prepared to work indoors or outdoors on a daily basis, as working locations are based upon staffing needs.

Staff members receive free admission to the park and may participate in seasonal staff member benefits, including discounts, attendance program etc. During qualifying pay periods, employees can earn a bonus based on attendance and the number of hours worked during the pay period. Bonus is paid out bi-weekly for the previous pay period. Specific details for the bonus will be provided at orientation.

Host company trainings: each student must purchase their own copy of the lifeguard certification book. The cost of the book is $30. Lifeguard training is 2 ½ days in length and is NOT paid. However, upon passing the lifeguard certification course, the students will attend a 6-8 hour orientation, which is paid.

Weekly accommodation cost/rent per student: $100 per week per person. Participants will prepay the first month's rent, administration/application fees, and deposit prior to arrival. This totals $600.