Elitch Gardens

Виртуальная ярмарка вакансий 2020-2022 гг.

Amusement Park Worker
8.31 USD
USA, Denver
Job Start Dates
Job End Dates
Min. Work Period
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English Level
Housing provided
Yes (90-150 USD per week)
Min. hours per week

Position description: Ride Operators are responsible for operating and attending rides for adults and/or children, reading and speaking ride safety instructions, enforcing height requirements and maintaining ride capacity logs. Greet and provide Guests with courteous service. Assist Guests as needed with questions, comments, and concerns. Inform Guests of and enforce ride safety requirements and park policies. Operate rides as trained and as according to Standard Operating Procedures manuals. Maintain constant focus and attention on Guests and rides while in operation. Maintain park cleanliness with specific attention to assigned location(s). Other duties as assigned. 

Qualification: You must possess oral and written English skills and must be able to communicate with Guests and fellow Team Members effectively. Some positions require working at elevated heights and standing for extended periods of time. Required to work in various weather conditions. Available to work overtime if over 18 years of age. Available to work flexible hours including weekends and holidays. Attention to detail. Requires ability to stand and walk eight to ten hours for the shift. Requires constant kneeling, bending, reaching above shoulder, pushing and pulling. Requires constant lifts and carries up to 30 pounds. Requires occasional carries up to 100 pounds with the assistance of a two-wheel hand truck. Possess 20/20 corrected vision (corrective lens, if required, must be worn while on duty. Possess normal or average corrected hearing. If a corrective device is needed to achieve this range, it must be worn while on duty.

Host company trainings: department orientation and then specific position training with a trained rider operator who will stay with trainee the entire time till the trainee has completed all required cycles and have proved they are comfortable with the position and duties; the average training time is 1 day.

Work schedule: Ability to work weekends and holidays is required. Shifts are 6-8 hours; 9:00 am - 6:00 pm or 11:am - 8:00 pm or 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm; hours are subject to change due to weather and personnel.

Weekly accommodation cost/rent per student: $90 - $150 per week per person depending on the room size. Housing deposit: 100 USD.