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Ребята срочно,замечательный волонтерский Рождественский проект в Лондоне!
с 13 по 22 декабря 2015 года!

A group of 6 volunteers are invited to spend 10 days in south London. But it won’t feel as if you are in a city: volunteers will stay at a Scout Centre in the midst of woodland with no houses in sight! Dulwich is a pleasant, quiet corner of London.
WORK: volunteers will work on different environmental projects. Two days will be with London Wildlife Trust completing practical conservation tasks in the beautiful Sydenham Hill Woods, working alongside local volunteers. Work will be physical and it will be cold and possibly wet so please come prepared with waterproof clothing a good boots. London Wildlife Trust is an urban nature conservation charity working to improve London's green spaces for people and wildlife. On other days volunteers will be working in nearby Dulwich Park (a favourite of the late Queen Mary who visited it every year) and Belair Park with the local authority parks department. Visits to local projects of interest will be organised. There will be a free weekend when there will be a chance to visit London.Если есть британская виза на этот период - небольшая, но приятная скидка. Если визы нет - сделаем дистанционно! Обращайтесь!

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